About Liam

Liam does not know he is any different from the rest of his school-mates. Mom and Dad would do anything to keep it that way but we know that may not be possible. Loving Liam and making sure he is safe is our number one priority and all that love has made Liam a Happy, Special, and sometimes spoiled little Angel.

Liam’s number one priority is to avoid going to school so he can watch TV and play with all of his construction trucks. He likes to make sure Mom and Dad are available for snuggle-time whenever he gets tired. Liam also loves to boss around his best friend and big brother and he does everything to avoid letting him get any baby kisses.

Signs & Symptoms

Liam had difficulty standing and doing stairs without using his knees for support. He also falls frequently because of some imbalances in his lower extremities. Running is a major challenge for Liam but he always tries his best to keep up with his big brother.

Symptoms started at 1 ½
Diagnosed at 2

“My parents think they can slow me down but no one can!”

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