Signs & Symptoms

I was a competitive cheerleader and noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to do the things that my teammates were doing. I was unable to do a sit-up, struggled to get up off of the floor, had difficulty stabilizing using my abdominal muscles, and couldn’t use my hip flexors to lift my legs during jumps.

About me

I am an ever busy, always on the go, overly enthusiastic, girl who loves absolutely anything pink. I am a recent graduate of St.FX university, having completed a Bachelor of Education in 2019. I have obtained my first term contract with the most wonderful school in the Annapolis Valley (I may be a little biased) and look forward to waking up and teaching every day.

I love warm weather and sunshine, brightly coloured lipsticks and specialty coffee. I look forward to weekly Saturday morning trips to the local market. Whenever possible I look for a silver lining and have tried to not allow my disease to put limits on my goals.

Symptoms started at 19
Diagnosed at 23

“If you look for a silver lining, you’ll find something sweet—for me it was meeting all of the wonderful people I have connected with through the process of navigating life with Pompe.​”

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