The provincial government has established the New Brunswick Drugs for Rare Diseases Plan which will provide assistance to those with certain rare diseases who face high drug costs.

New Brunswick will partner with Ontario to deliver the plan using its Drugs for Rare Diseases Framework. The framework was established to assess drugs using the best available evidence and recommend drugs for funding based on clinical criteria.

The plan will cover the cost of five drugs for specific rare diseases:

  • Aldurazyme for the treatment of Hurler and Hurler-Scheie forms of Mucopolysaccharidosis I;
  • Elaprase for the treatment of Hunter Syndrome;
  • Ilaris for the treatment of Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome;
  • Myozyme for the treatment of Pompe disease; and
  • Zavesca for the treatment of Niemann Pick Type C.

Source: Govt of New Brunswick

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